About Me

Landscape Architect

Originally educated in 3D Design I moved into Landscape Architecture to better combine my skills with my interests. Through experience and time spent at design school I have managed to combine both creative and practical elements into my work. With the spatial and conceptual knowledge that I have gained, along with the environmental and ethical views that I am a strong advocate of, I hope to be able to create spaces that are functional, meaningful and breathtaking.

By growing up in an urban environment I have seen first hand that even the spaces which are located close to rural areas are still amazingly and unimaginably disconnected from them. This has given me a deep appreciation of the natural landscape and the connection that humans have with it. An aspect which is so fundamental to healthy living, and yet something which the majority of people are missing from their daily lives. Through living and working across both India and China I have encountered numerous challenges and possibilities, gained extensive experience and an insight into balancing up delicate decisions that can have a lasting impact both on the community and the environment.

At the end of each design process I strive to have created spaces that people can connect with on all fronts. I therefore find it essential to push the boundaries to their limits whilst remembering the spaces that every space has both a past and a future which must always be considered. My goal is to try and capture both the hearts and minds of the users by creating designs that are intriguing, innovative and extraordinary in their own right, but which are comfortable, memorable places that are deserving of another visit.

Mahatma Gandhi famously once said that “You must be the change you wish to see in the world”, I would have to agree, and as designers and influencers of places it becomes even more relevant to take ownership of each and every design decision that we make.


“Transformative proposals of impressive quality and clarity of vision to create enticing and vibrant spaces”, Cllr Bassam Mahfouz, Cabinet member for Environment and Transport