• Highwood Community Centre

    Highwood community centre was a project in my final year of university. We worked directly with the local community to combine what features they wanted to include and what features they needed in the final design. The final design was based around permaculture and how the garden would then evolve along with the community whilst …

  • Adventure Garden

    The Adventure Garden was a first year university project. I combined 3 different landscapes – desert, rain forest and ravine – into 1 to maximize the “adventure” possibilities and create an all round fun garden to play in.

  • Allegory Journey Garden – Vindicated by Dashboard Confessional

    This allegory garden was design in my first year of university and based upon the song Vindicated by Dashboard confessional. The garden takes you on a journey of moods following the story of the song and recreated by using colours, senses and varying spatial densities.