• Springfield Transportation Hub

  • Kunming Kunlun Plaza

    Kunlun Plaza is located in the centre of Kunming City, the capital of Yunnan province in the south of China. The design was inspired by the local area and its fame for Bougainvillea plants which can be seen throughout the city and the southern province. We went through various different concepts but the client eventually …

  • Harbin Wanghe City

    Harbin Wanghe City is part of the further development of the Harbin Industrial Zone. ¬†Wanghe City aims to be a “Live & work” environment with a close connection between the Community and the Business Sector. We designed both the business and accommodation sectors for the client who although the two areas were close physically they …

  • Topwin Golf and Country Club

    Topwin Gold and Country Club is based in the mountainous Huairou district north of Beijing. The course fuses together the local topography of ridges and lakes with fairways to create a landscape of multiple levels with beautiful mountain backdrops.